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The Deanmore Primary School Parents and Citizens’ Association exists to promote the interests of the school through:

  • cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community;
  • assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school; and
  • fostering community interest in educational matters

and abides by the following constitution and rules Deanmore P&C Constitution.

  • 69645568_2373120619436179_3793696749441253376_n

    2019 Faction Carnival Token Count

    Faction Carnival Token Count Yesterday our amazing students were earning Team Deanmore tokens to go towards our term 3 faction token [...]
  • 70439602_2371467299601511_8917670283498749952_n

    2019 Faction Carnival Thank You

    A massive shout out and a huge thanks to all for helping to make our 2019 carnival such a fabulous event. We are a very lucky staff to have such [...]
  • carnival1

    2019 Faction Carnival

    Great day everyone. Well done to green faction! Special shout out to every student who run hard, played hard and shouted hard, and everyone else [...]
  • book-swap-2019

    Book Swap – Book Week 2019

    Its nearly that time again. BOOK WEEK is coming. We need your help! If you have any children’s books or novels which you are no longer using we [...]
  • 67813927_2314190618662513_9044493134376992768_n

    Inter school cross country

    40 Team Deanmore superstars ran their big hearts out at yesterday’s inter school cross country event! Big thanks to the parent helpers and [...]
  • 67416042_2312132432201665_2568018073638404096_o

    Farewell Mr Craig

    The Deanmore PS community wishes Mr Craig farewell and best wishes in his new role. We would like to acknowledge his leadership of our school [...]
  • 68362521_2311315232283385_1338101497770016768_n

    Filming at the WACA

    Well done to the 3 Deanmore girls who participated in the filming at the WACA for the Autism Association last Saturday. We have on great [...]
  • 67344312_2305264002888508_1832127881904390144_n

    Mind your own beeswax!

    Mind Your Own Beeswax! The Year 5s from D1 and D2 have been busy making beeswax wraps which were on sale Wednesday 31st July (before and after [...]
  • 67622187_2311969915551250_7527842574732623872_n

    Beautiful blossoms

    Where in the world is this? Clue: it's closer to home than Japan! Linger a while at school for assembly and see if you can spot these beautiful [...]
  • 67451996_2300297820051793_8768049093378310144_n

    Team Deanmore PBS Launch a success

    Seamore would like to thank everyone who came out to play this afternoon. What a magnificent time we all had! On behalf of the Team Deanmore PBS [...]
  • 67508760_2293981880683387_3552103206953680896_n

    We are back for term 3

    Yippee, hooray, the kids are back to school today! Don't forget to slow down to 40km/hr (which is 10km/hr slower than 50km/hr 🤦‍♀️) in school [...]
  • 67196143_2291601694254739_8985628790814146560_n

    Plastic Free Fundraising with Onya Life

    To celebrate plastic free July & August, Deanmore P&C Sustainability Committee have joined forces with Onya Life for a Plastic Free [...]

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