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Where in the world is this? Clue: it’s closer to home than Japan!

Linger a while at school for assembly and see if you can spot these beautiful blossoms!


Seamore would like to thank everyone who came out to play this afternoon. What a magnificent time we all had!

On behalf of the Team Deanmore PBS Committee thank you for coming out to our launch.

Have a fabulous weekend…


Yippee, hooray, the kids are back to school today!

Don’t forget to slow down to 40km/hr (which is 10km/hr slower than 50km/hr 🤦‍♀️) in school zones and park with care!

Term 3 is going to be Huge!

To celebrate plastic free July & August, Deanmore P&C Sustainability Committee have joined forces with Onya Life for a Plastic Free Fundraiser!

Click the HERE to place an order through Onya Life for their REUSABLE ALTERNATIVES TO SINGLE USE PLASTIC & raise funds for Deanmore P&C!

Are the kids eating you out of house and home already these holidays?

Get a BONUS $10 Woolworths WISH eGift Card and help Deanmore Primary School reach our goal by buying an Entertainment Membership before 11:59pm AEST, 14 July.

Follow this link:

Nice weather for ducks hey?! But don’t let the weather put you off.

Come down and support Miss Brydon’s year 5 class from D1 as they present assembly this morning.

August 17, 2019

Book your babysitter and get a group of your smartest friends together for the annual Quiz night!

Tickets go on sale first week back Term 3, limited seats so get in fast!

And if you or anyone you know is able to provide the Deanmore P&C with a donation to be used in the Auction, Game prizes or raffles please contact Veronica

ALL donations will be greatly appreciated!

Riddle me this… I have no teeth so I suck my food up like a vacuum cleaner. My superpower is to change my colours. And though I’m a type of fish, I have no scales. Who am I?
I’m Mambakoort Ngort, the WA Sea horse! You would have learned about me at our last assembly hosted by Miss Williams’ year 3s from M4! Come along on Friday to the last assembly for Semester 1 and learn something new for the day!

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