P&C Committee Members

The P&C Committee is made up of the following members from the school community:

Office Office holder Contact
President Steve Schupp President@deanmorepandc.org.au
Vice-President Troy Vulkojevich VP@deanmorepandc.org.au
Secretary Michelle Jahn Secretary@deanmorepandc.org.au
Treasurer Bree Day Treasurer@deanmorepandc.org.au
Executive Kaye Chapman  

For other offices direct to Secretary@deanmorepandc.org.au

Executive Janelle Haines
Executive Nici Ogle
Honorary Auditor Ryan Hough
Canteen Volunteers Coordinator Yvette McBain
Newsletter Coordinator Yvette McBain
Fundraising Coordinator Vacant
Uniform Coordinator Karin Hunt
School Banking Coordinators Kaye Chapman
Deanmore Dads Steve Schupp
Sustainability Nici Ogle
School Board Representative To be confirmed
WACSSO Representative Delegates to WACSSO Conference Steve Schupp

Steve Schupp




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